Top Cow Productions, Inc. announced today that following the success and popularity of Witchblade #116, the issue is going back to press for a second printing. The book not only marked the beginning of writer Ron Marz (Green Lantern, Samurai: Heaven and Earth) and artist Stjepan Sejic�s (First Born, The Darkness) run on the title until at least issue #150, it also proved to be a great jumping-on point for new readers.

�It�s great that there�s been enough demand to go back for a second printing,� remarked Marz. �I think there�s still a segment of the audience that has a preconceived notion of what Witchblade is, so we want to get the book into the hands of as many of those people as possible and let them see what the book really is. Stjepan and I are happy with what we did in #116, but we�re just getting warmed up.�

�We knew that the re-pairing of the First Born team of Marz and Sejic was going to make people stand up and take notice, but we were incredibly elated to see how quickly retailers and fans supported this new era of Witchblade,� added Top Cow Publisher Filip Sablik. �Even with a healthy overprint, issue #116 was an almost instant sell-out and we�re rushing back to do a second printing with a rare penciled image from Stjepan to fill demand. Tell your friends!�

The issue will be available in comic shops on April 30, 2008. (Please note: Witchblade #117 will be in shops on April 23, 2008.)

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