Winners announced for 2012 Eagle Awards

The winners of the 2012 Eagle Awards were announced over the weekend at the London MCM Expo. This was revealed to be the last year for the United Kingdom-based fan awards, which were established in 1976. MCM Expo, which co-owns the Eagle Awards, apparently plans to debut its own version next year.

The winners are:

Favorite newcomer writer: Jeff Lemire

Favorite newcomer artist: Francesco Francavilla

Favorite writer: Scott Snyder

Favorite writer/artist: Frank Miller

Favorite artist -- pencils: J.H. Williams III

Favorite artist -- inks: Scott Williams

Favorite artist -- fully painted work: Alex Ross

Favorite colorist: David Stewart

Favorite letterer: Richard Starkings/Comicraft

Favorite editor: Karen Berger

Favorite publisher: DC Comics/Vertigo

Favorite American comic book -- color: Batman

Favorite American comic book -- black and white: The Walking Dead

Favorite British comic book -- color: Doctor Who Magazine

Favorite British comic book -- black and white: Viz

Favorite new comic book: Batman

Favorite new manga: 20th Century Boys

Favorite European comic book: Dylan Dog

Favorite web-based comic: Freakangels

Favorite single story: Doctor Who #12

Favorite continued story: "No Way Out" in The Walking Dead

Favorite 2011 cover: Batwoman #1

Favorite 2011 original graphic novel: Batman: Noel

Favorite reprint compilation: Thor Omnibus by Walt Simonson

Favorite comics-related book: Supergods: Our World in the Age of the Superhero

Favorite comics-related movie or TV show: The Big Bang Theory

Favorite comics-related website: Bleeding Cool

Favorite magazine about comics: DC Comics Superhero Collection

Roll of honor: Frank Quitely

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