Winick returns to 'Blood and Water'

In an interview with Fanboy Radio, writer Judd Winick talked about returning to the vampire universe he created last year for DC Comics/Vertigo, "Blood and Water."

During Comic Con International in San Diego last July, Winick announced that he'd be doing a prequel "Blood and Water" series, focusing on the vampire Josh thirty years in the past, but in the interview Winick conducted on Sunday (and soon to be posted to the Fanboy Radio Web site), the writer said the series would in fact be a sequel. Tomm Coker is back supplying the art for "Blood and Water 2."

"This one will be a little bit more action oriented…," Winick told Fanboy Radio. "The first one was written with the plan and hope that we would do more. Not a series, not in a row, but kind of in a sense like 'Hellboy' - that we would keep coming back to the characters. And with each arch, we'll evolve. We've got this next one... I've got it all mapped out... it'll be another 6 issues and it'll take us in a decidedly different direction. Again, it's very post-modern in the sense that the vampires are very aware of all of the other vampire mythos and that's what I wanted to do. These are vampires living in as close to our world as possible - in a world where superheroes are in comic books, 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' is on TV and Anne Rice is in books. And they're all aware of that but are like 'No, no. This is what vampires really are.' And now we are going to take the next step and follow Adam's further adventures as a vampire."

Keep your eye on Fanboy Radio's Web site for the full interview to be posted shortly.

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