Win the original art to Vampi #10, exclusive preview of Adam Warren's alternate cover

Our friends at Anarchy Studios sent along this great piece of cover art from Vampi #10. This is the Adam Warren variant cover to this issue.

Also, Anarchy Studios is giving away the original artwork to the regular cover of Vampi #10 by artist Kevin Lau. Their press release below fills you in with all the details. - Jonah Weiland

New York, NY - Imagine you had the chance to own the art for the cover of a comic that launched a new era in comics. There's no way you can buy the cover art for Fantastic Four #1, but this July, one lucky comic fan will obtain a true piece of comics history. And the best part - it's free!

To celebrate the launch of his new website www.anarchy-studios.com, VAMPI artist Kevin Lau is giving away his original cover artwork for the debut Anarchy Studios title, Vampi #10. "I'm incredibly excited by the unlimited potential of Anarchy Studios," Kevin said, "and I want the fans to share in the excitement."

"There's a lot more to this new site launch than just this historic contest," Anarchy Studios Editor-In-Chief David Bogart commented. "There's also an in-depth preview of Vampi Digital, complete with its own slide show. And if that's not enough, fans can now download a totally-free, all-new VAMPI screensaver right off the site."

"Anarchy-Studios.com is designed to redefine what a comic site is," Kevin added, "And with my original cover artwork for the taking, this site will turn heads right from the start."

For more information on Anarchy Studios & the cover art contest, check out www.anarchy-studios.com or e-mail Yoshi Aino at Yoshi@anarchy-studios.com

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