Win Teal'c's Red Jaffa Warrior Costume From <i>Stargate SG-1</i> [AUCTIONS]

Stargate fans have already had a few chances to get into the skin — or the clothes — of some of their favorite characters thanks to Propworx's weekly auctions, and today brings yet another opportunity in the form of Stargate SG-1's Teal'c and his Jaffa costume!

As always, read on for a more detailed description of the item and information on how to bid, courtesy of Propworx’s David Read!


David Read: Kree, Jaffa! He has returned!

It's been a while since we've posted a complete Jaffa costume to the weekly Stargate eBay auctions, but we're returning to the suit of armor with a red vengeance! This red Jaffa costume was worn by actor Christopher Judge as "Teal'c" in the Stargate SG-1 Season Five premiere, "Enemies." The gray pieces to the right were added to the lot to complete the costume, as these components were missing from the suit.

Teal'c was captured by his former leader and god, Apophis, in the Season Four finale, "Exodus." We as viewers believed that the former First Prime would suffer eternal torture, but Apophis had greater plans. Instead, he brainwashed Teal'c to make him believe that he had been a double agent for the entire period he had been with SG-1.

This Jaffa costume comes complete with a faux chainmail jacket with chainmail pants, a collar, front and back plates, a vest, matching gauntlets and greaves, belt with belt buckle, skirt and boots. Everything you need, minus your staff weapon and zat gun, to go charging into battle.

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