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Volume 4, Number 17

Wednesday November 6, 2002

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As we move our way into the winter months the days get shorter andthe temperature gets colder. Here in sunny Southern California we hada weeks worth of cloud cover. There's nothing more depressing than day after day of gloomy weather, but (you know where this is going)there's nothing like a new FreeComics.com contest to cheer you up!

The November FreeComics.com contest has launched and it's time foryou to enter! We've got a really cool prize package for you this month,provided by our friends at Comics Unlimited. The prize package consistsof the ultra cool Venom Mini-Bust Triple pack from Bowen Designs. Thishandsomely designed collection of statues is perfect for any home. Nextup is a very rare Hellboy Nodder Bobble-Head. These were made in a verylimited-edition and sold out completely. They've been seen fetching highdollar figures on eBay! If you win, you'll also receive another very rarecollectible, a copy of the 1986 Hardcover collection of the ground breakingDark Knight Returns! They've recently reprinted this book, so prices anddemand for the original have gone up. Finally, if you win you'll receive a $200 gift certificate to be used at Comics Unlimited's online or physicalstore. Basically, you get to choose the prize package you want! Prettycool huh? That's over $400 in prizes just waiting for you!

As you well know our sponsor this month is Comics Unlimited locatedat http://www.comicsunlimited.com/. They're a great on-line retailerbacked by a real world store in Southern California with a wideselection of new and old product. Quality product and excellentcustomer service should make them your first choice for shopping onlinefor comics. Once again visit them at http://www.comicsunlimited.com/

So, what are you waiting for! Get over there and enter the contesttoday at FreeComics.com!

Congratulations to our October contest winner Tammy Warnick ofMonaca, PA! Way to go Tammy!

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Forward this e-mail to as many comic loving friends as you've got!Turn them onto FreeComics.com and get them involved! The morepeople who sign-up, the better for you in the long run.The more successful FreeComics.com is the better the prizes wecan offer!

To secure your chance to win all you have to do is fill outthe entry form and you're done. Remember, you can enterevery 7 days! Write a note to yourself in your date bookseven days from when you last entered to remind yourself tocome back!

Thanks for participating at FreeComics.com!


The FreeComics Staff


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