Win an XBOX 360 from Zenescope Entertainment at Wizard World Chicago

Official Press Release

Zenescope Entertainment, the publishers behind Grimm Fairy Tales andthe highly anticipated mini-series Se7en, want you to win an XBOX 360at Wizard World Chicago. How do you do it? It's easy!

The first step is to stop by Zenescope's booth #541. For the entireweekend, Thursday through Sunday, if you purchase a limited editionexclusive Grimm Fairy Tales comic (#1 or #8 alternate cover) OR aGrimm Fairy Tales trade paperback OR all 8 individual Grimm issues,you are automatically entered into the XBOX 360 raffle which will beheld Sunday @ 4pm. You do not have to be present to win the GrandPrize (but it would be sweet to take it home that night!)

Zenescope will also be raffling off prizes at the end of each day inwhich you DO have to be present to win. You receive a chance to winone of those prizes with any and every book you purchase that day. Forexample: If you buy 7 comics (including the trade or an exclusive) youget 7 chances to win a prize at the end of the day, but you MUST bethere to win your prize with your ticket in hand.

Everyday prizes include DVDs (Final Destination 1, FD2, FD3 & Se7en)and Zenescope t-shirts.

Friday and Saturday prize being raffled off that you MUST be presentto win (with ticket in hand): A portable DVD player (1 for each day.)

Raffle drawing times: Thursday @ 6:30pm, Friday and Saturday @ 5pm,Sunday @ 4pm.

See you at the show!

For more information about Zenescope Entertainment please visitwww.zenescope.com

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