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SAN FRANCISCO - James Sime, proprietor of the award winning Isotope - the comic book lounge in San Francisco, announced today a competition that no fan of Fables will want to miss out on. In conjunction with a Saturday January 27th in-store appearance by Bill Willingham at the Isotope, ten lucky winners the world over will win an exclusive wine glass, and one grand prize winner will receive an all-expenses paid dinner at one of San Francisco's finest restaurants with Bill Willingham himself!

Entry in this competition is deceptively simple, tell the Isotope why you're biggest Fables fan in the world in five sentences or less. Could it really be that easy? "For the most creative Fables fans out there, yes it can!" Sime replied. But with so little room to make your case, the Isotope proprietor encourages entrants to make every word count, "Anyone can write a 90 words or less essay on why they're the biggest Fables fan, but it's a real challenge to do it in five sentences or less! "

A limited number of wine glasses will be made specifically for the event and for those who enter the competition. Featuring artwork by Willingham, these drinking vessels will bring true wine sipping joy to those who are lucky enough to win one, perfect for enjoying with any Fables issue or graphic novel! The Isotope will be mailing these glasses out to ten competition winners anywhere on the planet.

And one lucky San Francisco Bay Area winner and their guest will be treated to an intimate evening at one of the city's finest restaurants with the Fables author himself. "We're going to do this in high style!" Sime said with a grin, "So if you think you've got what it takes to win this, clear your Friday the 26th schedule, get your swankiest outfit, and call your best guy or gal companion. We're going to rock your world." The very idea brought a smile to author Bill Willingham's face, "The contest sounds fun, I'll be happy to go to some fancy Friday night rewards dinner with the winner!"

Send your brilliantly written five sentences or less essay on why you are the biggest Fables fan in the world to the Isotope address isotopepromotions@gmail.com before the competition deadline on Midnight (Pacific Standard Time) Tuesday, January 23rd. Be sure to include your mailing address so that the Isotope can send your wine glass right to your front door.

Those ultimate Fables fans who are in the San Francisco Bay Area and think they have what it takes to win a swanky dinner with a guest and Willingham, don't forget to mention you're in for the grand prize as well. "If you include your phone number, I'll call you personally and let you know you've won, and we can confirm your dinner reservation!" Sime said enthusiastically. "What could be better than an intimate evening of wining and dining with Bill Willingham... it's the Ultimate Fables Fantasy!"

Isotope - the comic book lounge in an avant-guarde comic book store located in the heart of San Francisco. The Isotope is known world wide for specializing in a wide variety of comics, minis, graphic novels, and once-in-a-lifetime events. More information about the store can be found at http://isotopecomics.com

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