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Volume 4, Number 3

Friday January 18th, 2002

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You know what the best part about working at FreeComics.com is?Getting to tell people they won! Last week we spoke with MichaelMaera by e-mail who was the winner of December's contest and hewas ecstatic! I've never seen so many exclamation points in onee-mail before! Well, except for those that come from FreeComics.comof course! You know, that's last sentence didn't need anexclamation point! Neither did that one! CUT IT OUT! AHHH!

At any rate, we've arrived in week three of the FreeComics.com andthat means it's not only your turn to enter again, but it's alsotime you start spreading the word to your friends, your neighbors,cousins, grand-children, dogs, ostriches, every living creature!Tell them they should enter the contest at FreeComics.com becausethey very well might win some AMAZING prizes. Cmon, enter:http://www.freecomics.com

FreeComics'com's January 2002 contest is sponsored by X-World Comicslocated at http://www.x-worldcomics.com/. X-World is your one-stopshop for X-Men comics from the silver age to today! They also offerX-Men and Marvel statues and busts. Try their pre-order service andsave up to 50% on your new comics from Marvel, DC, Vertigo, Wildstorm,Image, CrossGen and Dark Horse! Visit them on the Web today athttp://www.x-worldcomics.com/. They're good people. Show them the love.

As you probably know already this month we're doing things a bitdifferently. Instead of just one amazing prize package, we'reoffering two! One lucky winner will get their very own copy of thesilver-age classic X-MEN #94!!! That's right, one of the mostimportant X-Men issues of all time! Plus you'll also receive oneof the Diamond Select Ultimate Storm busts!!! This statue is HOT!Pretty cool? Our second place winner will receive one of each ofMarvel's comics shipping in March, 2002! So, you've got two chancesto win two outstanding prize packages. Visit the Web site to learnmore in the Prizes section of FreeComics.com.

So how can you win? By entering today at http://www.freecomics.com.

Wanna know how you can help FreeComics.com? Forward this e-mail toas many comic loving friends as you've got! Turn them onto FreeComics.comand get them involved! The more people who sign-up, the better for youin the long run. The more successful FreeComics.com is the better theprizes we can offer!

To secure your chance to win all you have to do is fill outthe entry form and you're done. Remember, you can enterevery 7 days! Write a note to yourself in your date bookwhen the next time you can enter is.

Are you a retailer or do you know someone who's a retailer? Tellthem about FreeComics.com! A sponsorship at FreeComics.com will dramatically increase traffic and interest in their Web site. Havethem e-mail at sales@freecomics.com.

Thanks for participating at FreeComics.com!


The FreeComics Staff

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