Willingham teases some more, 'Gen13' shuts down: July 28th Comic Wire wrap

[Bill Willingham]Back in our Day Four Comic-Con International Wrap "Fables" and newly Eisner awarded writer Bill Willingham shared the following comment with CBR News, ""We might find out if the entire comics readership decides that I am the man who thoroughly wrecked Superman and that's all I'm saying." And while he hasn't spilled the beans entirely yet, Bill did let loose with an interesting little ditty on his Web site last week about one of his experiences on day one of the convention.

"At some point during the day I wandered up to the super secret 'nobody gets in without a special pass' DC Hospitality Suite where I was offered a great deal on doing an arc involving one of DC's truly big gun characters. They swore me to secrecy, so I can't tell you anything about the project, except that it's six issues and needs to be started right away - so I have to write the first script faster than a speeding bullet. But I ain't saying nothing about the project. You won't get anything from me. Nada. Zippity doo dah. But this is the funnybook business and nothing remains secret for long. Someone will blab the news sooner or later, and then you can expect me to tell all."

Over on his X-Fan forum, writer Chris Claremont confirmed that the DC/Wildstorm title "Gen13" would be coming to a close with issue #16.

"That said -- re the 'Resurrection' arc, things go something like this: Jim Lee calls Bob Harras back when we got started and said (paraphrasing of course), 'gee, I'd really like to see a story where the new team goes looking for the old team so we can (a) explain Caitlin's presence in the book and (b) bring the original characters back to life.' Me, being me, responded by trying to put off that story as long as possible because I wanted my guys to establish thesmelves on their own as fully as possible.

"Well, fast forward ahead to late spring '03. The new G13 isn't setting the sales world on fire. Wildstorm decides to shut the book down, which will happen with #16. Final arc, mandated from On-High: find and resurrect the original team. End of story.

"My goal is to accomplish that in a way that preserves the integrity of my own series and, as much as humanly possible, that of Adam's original story. Will it prove satisfying to any of the readers or principals involved? Probably not. But this way, we're left with a status quo that's acceptable to the publisher. Since they pay the freight, they get to make these kind'a calls."

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