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Williamson Teases Deadly Mystery in Justice League vs Suicide Squad

by  in Comic News Comment
Williamson Teases Deadly Mystery in Justice League vs Suicide Squad

This month, the Justice League is going to face off against the Suicide Squad, and it’s not going to be pretty. In an interview with DC All Access, “Justice League vs. Suicide Squad” scribe Joshua Williamson offered a little insight into the coming series and teased a surprising death with an even more surprising killer.

“I think one of the big surprises in this series is that someone’s gonna go boom,” he revealed. “Like someone’s going to explode, and I don’t think you’ll expect who it’s going to be, but also the person who pulls the trigger is going to surprise people.”

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As to what the series will be about, he said, “‘Justice League vs. Suicide Squad’ is about Batman has finally realized that he needs to put a stop to Amanda Waller’s Task Force X, and so he finally tells the Justice League what the Suicide Squad is and how they operate and they go after them. For us, it’s a story about redemption and whether or not you can have redemption when you’ve… been a villain the way the Suicide Squad has.”

He also previewed a few of the fights we’ll see in upcoming issues. According to Williamson, we’ll see the heroes and villains pair off, with smaller matches such as Enchantress vs. Superman, Deadshot vs. Batman, Haryley Quinn vs. Wonder Woman, Flash vs. Captain Boomerang, El Diablo vs. Green Lanterns and Aquaman vs. Killer Croc.

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But the Suicide Squad won’t be the only villains in this story. “There’s definitely a big bad. I mean, we have a group of villains that are going to be introduced. At this point, it’s not a secret,” he shared. “Max Lord has brought together a group of villains with Emerald Empress, Lobo (the classic look), we have Rustam, we have Doctor Polaris. We have Johnny Sorrow, who was a JSA villain that I always loved, and then there’s another character in the book we haven’t announced yet that I think we’re announcing soon, but will definitely be a big part of this story.”

Here, he’s likely referring to Eclipso, who was exclusively announced by CBR as part of Max Lord’s team this morning.

“Justice League vs. Suicide Squad” #1 is scheduled for release on Dec. 21, with subsequent issues and tie-ins releasing on a weekly basis through January; with each issue featuring a different interior artist.

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