William Harms Offers "Dead or Alive" Novella for Free

Official Press Release

What happens when two stage-robbing brothers inadvertently unleash a zombie apocalypse in the Old West? Zombie-western mayhem, that's what!

Dead or Alive , a brand-new novella written by acclaimed comic book writer William Harms ( Impaler, Abel) is now available as a free download as a PDF, in its entirety, from www.williamharms.com . Featuring cover and interior art by Mark Bloodworth ( Abel, Deadworld ), Dead or Alive is a romping horror yarn packed with zombies, outlaws and Gatling guns.

"I'm a huge fan of both horror and westerns, and the two genres complement each other really well," says Harms. " Dead or Alive is the result of me trying to fuse the two together. It was an absolute blast to write, and I really hope that people get a kick out of it."


The work of William Harms has been praised by   Ain't It Cool News, Wizard , IGN Comics and Comic Shop News , among others. His work includes the ongoing series Impaler , published through Image Comics, and the graphic novels Bad Mojo and Abel .


Arizona, 1879 : Two desperate brothers pull off a white-knuckled stagecoach robbery. They think their troubles are behind them when they stash the cash in a desert hideaway–but their misfortune is just beginning. 

The Smith brothers have wandered into a horror from the region's shamanistic tribal past, and when the dead start rising from their graves to stalk and consume the living, the Smiths find themselves fighting for their lives in an undead nightmare.

Jailed and tortured in a dusty frontier town overwhelmed by zombies, the boys bust free and join a ragged band of townspeople for a gut-wrenching Old West showdown against the ravenous, shambling dead.

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