Will Viggo <i>Really</i> Sling Guns In <i>The Dark Tower</i>?

Who will take the lead in Ron Howard's movie and television adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower? The director is keeping mum, but nodding at some surprising suggestions.

What's catching a lot of attention from Tower fans is this part of a recent LA Times story about who'd play Roland The Gunslinger in the ambitious cross-platform adaptation, set to begin in 2013:

The character is a fan-favorite and Howard knows that the casting will be closely scrutinized. As this point in the process, most filmmakers would never engage in casual banter about the possible actors but Howard didn’t dodge the topic and nodded when names such as Daniel Craig, Hugh Jackman and Jon Hamm were mentioned.

“Sure, those are some names and on ‘The Dark Tower’ fansites they’re all about Viggo,” Howard said, referring to Viggo Mortensen, who has plenty of appropriate experience — he’s roamed a desolate, otherworldly landscape in “The Road,” wore iron on his hip in “Appaloosa” and forever won over fantasy fans as Aragorn in ”The Lord of the Rings” films.

Howard doesn't hint that any of those actors would actually be involved in the project, but fans are already taking the mere mention of Viggo as a sign that he's under consideration. If true, it'd be a coup for Howard - The Dark Tower may be a major project for the director and studio, but it may be even more of one for the actors involved; with a movie leading directly into a television season, then back into a movie before heading straight back to television again, it'll become their entire career for as long as it lasts. Would a relative star like Mortensen be willing to go all in like that?

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