Will the leak end up helping <i>Wolverine</i>?

Executives at 20th Century Fox may be able to breathe a sigh of relief: It looks like that leaked copy of X-Men Origins: Wolverine actually could help the movie.

Entertainment Weekly's Hollywood Insider reports the Hugh Jackman film is tracking strong, with consumer-research statistics showing a high "wanna see" rating. What's more, it's the No. 1 choice in two key demographics: young men, and men age 31 and older.

As Vulture's Lane Brown points out, the leaked work print, with its unfinished special-effects shots, should have signaled doom for Wolverine. So why didn't it?

"Had it not leaked, this is the time when people on the Internet (including us, no doubt) would've been wildly speculating on the film's quality based on its trailer, publicity campaign, promotional pizza tie-in, and reported reshoots," Brown writes. "Instead, though, the very bloggers who'd probably be writing this thing off are refusing to post reviews of an unfinished product and shaming downloaders."

That's actually ... a pretty good theory.

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