Will Smith Polices the Supernatural in New Bright Trailer

Netflix has unveiled the first full-length trailer and some new images for the upcoming feature film Bright, starring Will Smith and directed by Suicide Squad's David Ayer, following its premiere at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

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Scripted by Max Landis (Chronicle, American Ultra) the trailer went deep into the fantasy cop drama, where humans coexist with creatures such as orcs, elves and faeries. The film is Netflix's most expensive production to date, clocking in at a production value of $100 million.

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Smith plays a human cop and family-man in Los Angeles forced to team up with an orc (Joel Edgerton), the first of his kind to join the force and who's seen as a diversity hire. The trailer reveals the racial tensions of all the species in the city (including between Smith and Edgerton's characters), as well as the citizens' perspectives on the police force's methods of fighting crime. Fans were also treated to the plot's macguffin which turns out to be a magic wand that's being hunted by mysterious forces, which was described as "a nuclear weapon that grants wishes."

Netflix also released a slew of photos to accompany the trailer:


The movie also stars Noomi Rapace, Lucy Fry, Edgar Ramirez, Ike Barinholtz, Enrique Murciano, Jay Hernandez, Andrea Navedo, Veronica Ngo, Alex Meraz, Margaret Cho, Brad William Henke, Dawn Olivieri, and Kenneth Choi. Bright will be available on Netflix on December 22nd.

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