Will Smith Still Hopes For a Deadshot Movie

Will Smith as Deadshot in Suicide Squad

Will Smith is keeping his sights on a potential Deadshot movie.

When asked Tuesday during a YouTube live Q&A whether the long-rumored Suicide Squad spinoff featuring his character Deadshot will materialize, Smith replied, "I hope so. I love playing Deadshot. I'm really enjoying that character."

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Smith, who's set to reprise his role as Task Force X's lethal marksman in Suicide Squad 2, confirmed there's potential for the character to step into the spotlight and one day star in his own adventure. However, it's a matter of finding the right story.

"They've been talking about it," he said. "If a good idea comes around ... we've been having meetings but I would love to. I love Deadshot."

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Meanwhile, co-writers Todd Stanshwick and David Bar Katz have finished the Suicide Squad 2 draft, and are "really proud of it."

Directed by Gavin O'Connor (The Accountant), the sequel to 2016's Suicide Squad is expected to reunite Will Smith as Deadshot, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Jared Leto as The Joker and Viola Davis as Amanda Waller. Production has reportedly been pushed back to make room on the Warner Bros. slate for director Cathy Yan's Birds of Prey, also starring Robbie.

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