Will Schwarzenegger's Political Actions Hit Stallone's Expendables?

I admit, it doesn't even really make sense to me on paper: Apparently, California state workers upset at Arnold Schwarzenegger have decided that the best way to signal their protest is to boycott The Expendables - in which Schwarzenegger has an unbilled, but well-known, cameo.

The Hollywood Reporter's Risky Business blog points out the biggest flaw in this scheme: That Schwarzenegger won't actually be effected by any boycott, but producer/director/writer/star Sylvester Stallone will be... which, as the blog points out, may be an own goal in terms of PR:

Stallone famously toplined a glaringly lefty drama about union organizing in 1978 called "F.I.S.T." He also co-wrote the screenplay (with Joe Eszterhas), which was directed by equally-potent, left-leaning director Norman Jewison.

Stallone needs his new film to be a hit, if not to revive a moribund career than to give him one last glorious wave to the crowd. So dinging him -- someone surely sympathetic to the workers' plight -- seems like bad collateral damage.


Here's hoping the protest is canceled, or at least rethought somewhat.

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