Will Sally Field Be Aunt May?

By this morning, it should be clearer to viewers that the producers of Sony's "Spider-Man" relaunch are heavily invested in bolstering the film's already fresh-faced cast with some veteran Hollywood heavyweights.

Hot on the heels of yesterday's all but confirmed by the studio news that actor Martin Sheen will join the cast as Uncle Ben, today word comes from the Hollywood Reporter that Academy Award-winner Sally Field is in negociations to play Aunt May in director Marc Webb's incoming Spidey sequel.

A critical role in the franchise, Peter Parker's only remaining family held a place in the first trilogy of Spider-Man movies of bringing heart and gravitas to the proceedings, something the 64-year-old Field would be adept at providing. If rumors hold out to be true, the actress will join Andrew Garfield as the titular hero, Emma Stone as high school sweetie Gwen Stacey and Rhys Ifans as the villainous Lizard. Field's most recent work has been on the small screen, starring in the ensemble drama "Brothers & Sisters" which is produced by the "Green Lantern" screenwriter Greg Berlanti.

For more on this story, check out the Hollywood Reporter, and for more on the future of "Spider-Man 4" continue to check CBR and Spinoff Online for all the updates as they become available.

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