Will Pfeifer Takes Over "Red Hood and the Outlaws" From James Tynion

DC Comics ongoing series "Red Hood and the Outlaws" will have a new writer come March 2014's issue #29, with Newsarama reporting Tuesday that Will Pfeifer is set to take over from James Tynion IV.

It's a return to DC for Pfeifer, who worked on a variety of titles at the publisher in the past decade, including "H-E-R-O," "Catwoman" and "Blue Beetle." His most recent comics work was at Marvel in late 2011, co-writing the final issues of "Iron Man 2.0" with Nick Spencer. According to Newsarama, the solicitation to "Red Hood and the Outlaws" #29 reads as follows: "Jason and Kori set out to deliver justice to alien murderers, but they'll need to steal a spaceship to do it! Now who in The New 52 has something like that they could "borrow"...?"

Tynion is one of the main writers of "Batman Eternal," a weekly Bat-series scheduled to start in spring 2014. The writer said on Twitter that though he's leaving "Red Hood and the Outlaws," he's not leaving title character/former Robin Jason Todd: "I have plenty of plans for Jason, but they'll be continuing in the pages of 'Batman Eternal'! Excited for you all to see what we're building!"

"Red Hood and the Outlaws," which stars Jason Todd/Red Hood, Starfire and Arsenal, was one of the original launch titles of DC's New 52 era in September 2011, originally under the creative team of writer Scott Lobdell and artist Kenneth Rocafort.

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