Will Nightwing be Playable in "Batman: Arkham City?"

"Batman: Arkham City" already has a wealth of material players can wade through when the game releases later this month, including numerous villains to match wits against, as well as specially designed challenge rooms that not only feature the Dark Knight, but also a playable Catwoman and Robin. Now it looks as if another of Gotham's heroes may be joining the party.

PS3Trophies.org has revealed the full list of Trophies/Achievements that can be unlocked as you play through "Arkham City," and while they're largely familiar fare ranging from taking down the devastating Mr. Hammer ("One-Armed Bandit") to rescuing hostages from Riddler's savage traps ("Brainteaser," "Intellectual" and so on), a closer look at the list reveals more.

At the bottom of the list, two noticeable Achievements/Trophies revolve around the original Robin, Nightwing. They are:

"Nightwing Revenge" -- obtain 78 medals on the original "Arkham City" and "Nightwing Bundle Pack" ranked maps (as Nightwing)

"Campaign Nightwing"- obtain 114 medals on the original "Arkham City" and "Nightwing Bundle Pack" (as Nightwing)

Rocksteady Studios, the game's developer, hasn't officially unveiled the character, nor do any retailers have the aforementioned "Nightwing Bundle Pack" being offered as a pre-order item, so it's looking likely that it will be offered as downloadable content somewhere down the road. CBR News has reached out to WB Games and will provide updates as they become available.

"Batman: Arkham City" ascends into stores for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 18.

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