Will Netflix Resurrect <i>Jericho</i>?

Jericho fans, it might be time to find out Netflix's address and prepare some new peanut packages. After all, that's what brought the post-apocalyptic drama back for a second season on CBS after rocky ratings: Devotees sent more than 20 tons of nuts to the network, a reference to a scene from the Season 1 finale.

Canceled in 2008, the drama about a small Kansas town grappling with the aftermath of a nuclear attack that wiped out 23 U.S. cities has continued to capture the imaginations of new and old fans alike. Jericho is also incredibly popular on Netflix, where the entire series can be watched instantly. According to TV Guide, there might be new episodes available in the near future, as Netflix and CBS are in very early talks about bringing resurrecting the show at a cost that will make sense for both parties. Another concern will be getting the cast back, but if it can work for Arrested Development, why not Jericho?

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