Will Marvel Bring Peter Parker Face To Face With Miles Morales?

Marvel Comics is certainly making the first week of February all about Spider-Man. Since the beginning of the week, the publisher has been teasing Dan Slott's "Amazing Spider-Man" event "Ends of the Earth" with different preview images. Now, the publisher has released one more spider-centric teaser sure to set the Spider-Sense of fans tingling worldwide.

Showcasing the combined emblems of both "Amazing Spider-Man's" Peter Parker and "Ultimate Comics: Spider Man's" Miles Morales, the teaser simply states "Spider-Men" with a June 2012 release date. Although the teaser heavily implies a crossover between Peter Parker and Miles Morales, there is so far no evidence to support the theory.

Since the inception of the Ultimate line in 2000 with "Ultimate Spider-Man," there has never been a crossover between the mainstream Marvel U and the Ultimate Universe. Considering the popularity of Miles Morales and the upcoming "Amazing Spider-Man" film, it's understandable the publisher would put an event into the works involving an interaction between Miles and Peter Parker to draw in new readers fresh from the movie. Is it possible Marvel will publish the first-ever crossover between the mainstream Marvel Universe and the Ultimate books come June 2012?

Check out the teaser image below and keep it tuned to CBR News for more on the mysterious Spider-Men.

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