Will <em>Lost</em> End Well?

Lost's series finale begins in seven hours on the East Coast (Ten, if like me you live on the left of the country), and there's one question in the minds of everyone who's eagerly awaiting it, and it's a very basic one: Will it suck?

Okay, admittedly, that's somewhat simplistic: There's every possibility that it'll be a perfectly good episode but still manage to fall short of what many are looking for from the wrap-up to a six-year-long series full of twists, turns and, most of all, mysteries. Between the series' own seeming inability to stop introducing new questions even in its third-last episode (Seriously, who was Jacob's adopted mother, and why couldn't she speak Latin convincingly?) and the amount of hype that has grown up around the end of the series, I'm not sure what would feel good enough when I tune in in a few hours, but I'm turning the question over to you: Do you think Lost's finale will be a success or a disappointment?

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