Will Logan's Run Finally Return To The Big Screen?

You can't keep a good movie about youth rebellion down - nor a remake of a pretty bad one, it seems: the on-again, off-again reboot of Logan's Run now has a hot new director.

Carl Erik Rinsch is in talks to direct a new Logan's Run movie, it was announced yesterday. Commercials and short film director Rinsch had previously been expected to direct the Alien prequel now in the hands of franchise creator Ridley Scott, and is known around Hollywood for his short sci-fi movie The Gift, which he's currently adapting into a full-length feature.

The idea of remaking Logan's Run, based on the 1970s novel about a future society where citizens are killed when they reach age 30, has been long-discussed; Bryan Singer was working on the project before he decided to make Superman Returns, and Tron Legacy's Joseph Kosinski had been expected to take on the movie at one point.

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