Will Frank Miller's <i>Dark Knight Returns</i> return in a new DC animated feature?

If you're a bigwig at an animation company and have your pick to adapt a story from anywhere in the DC mythos, where do you go? After animation has covered just about every major character in DC's pantheon, they have begun focusing in on specific story arcs to translated into animated movies, and rumors now have them aiming for the top of the mountain: Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns.

BleedingCool.com is reporting an unsourced rumor saying that the DC Entertainment animation wing is in the "early stages of development" on a animated adaption of this, which could prove to be the darkest animated work they've done. There's been no confirmation or denial by official sources, leaving fans to speculate on the veracity of this and also who could voice the characters -- notably an aged Batman.

Thanks to its connection to parent company Warner Bros., DC Comics' animated properties have long outpaced Marvel's and the recent string of straight-to-DVD animated features only further cements that dominance. In recent years Marvel has made big strides to close that gap, but DC's animated track record of Batman: The Animated Series, Teen Titans GO! and the Justice League series put them ahead.

Would you like to see this epic series animated? And going further, what other DC stories could be great as a cartoon?

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