Will Eisner's "John Law" Delayed

Official Press Release

San Diego, CA, June 16, 2004-IDW Publishing has announced today that its release Will Eisner's John Law: Dead Man Walking trade paperback, originally scheduled for June, has been unavoidably delayed due to a medical emergency on the part of writer/artist Gary Chaloner.

Chaloner speaks openly of the reasons behind the book's delay. "Simply put, I had a total mental and nervous breakdown. I was operating on a few hours sleep a night, I wasn't eating...and the stress was starting to take its toll. I was a real mess. I can see that...now.

"The dangerous thing about clinical depression and anxiety is that you don't know you're suffering until it's all too late," Chaloner explains. "You're in a haze of growing mental fog and creeping panic. Then you start making bad judgment calls and decisions. You really do kid yourself and it's only when it's too late do you get the wake-up call. I ended up in the hospital, completely incapacitated. I'm not sure how prevalent depression is in this business, but I'd guess there's a hell of a lot of it going around based on the high turnover of talent in the industry. Having been through it myself...this is a real concern to me.

"I've been very lucky to have the support of my family, as well as Will Eisner and Denis Kitchen, who have been amazingly patient, understanding and have gone the extra mile on my behalf to help me through this. I'd particularly like to extend sincere thanks to my industry colleagues who have sent their support and well-wishes. I am also indebted to the folks at IDW, who've stuck by this project.

"I'll be moving forward from here with a new clarity of my own limitations and an even greater desire to see Will Eisner's John Law succeed."

Will Eisner adds, "I applaud Gary Chaloner. He is a man of courage and determination to prevail over an awful illness. I'm confident that he will complete what he has so brilliantly started and that readers will be rewarded for their patience and support."

Will Eisner's John Law: Dead Man Walking will be resolicited when it is complete. The new version will be an 80-page black and white trade paperback with a cover price of $12.99.

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