Will Eisner's "John Law" comes to IDW Publishing

Official Press Release

San Diego, CA, March 25, 2004-This is not The Spirit. This is not Sin City. It's John Law. And Crossroads, USA.

Comics master Will Eisner has contracted award-winning writer/artist Gary Chaloner to develop all-new adventures featuring the pipe-smoking, one-eyed Crossroads cop. These stories, the first original John Law adventures since Eisner worked on the character in 1948, will be available in print exclusively from IDW in June.

"The launching of the John Law series by Gary Chaloner represents a very important episode in my career," Eisner said. "After all, it is most unusual for a character created so long ago to be given new life in the hands of someone so able as Gary."

As well as Law, classic Eisner creations Lady Luck, Mr Mystic and Nubbin the Shoe Shine Boy feature in these all new adventures.

What can readers expect from the new John Law?

"Well, we've started from scratch really, building the main characters, supporting cast and the city of Crossroads from the ground up, using the basics established by Will back in the '40s. I've introduced quite a few new characters for the series as well," Chaloner said.

"The earlier stories Will produced featuring Law were eventually used as Spirit stories, so the characters have a muddy past that needed to be cleaned up," he continues. "Will was quite adamant that he wanted the character moved away from any resemblance to Denny Colt and 'The Spirit' series."

"The new stories do have familiar elements: corrupt cops, gangsters, sexy femme fatales and movie stars, corrupt winners and desperate losers... but mainly the series is about friendship and the things one man has to do to survive and stay true to himself in a dishonest town. Hopefully the mix will make for entertaining and human stories with a few surprises thrown in from left field."

The IDW edition will have over a hundred pages of new material and will also include 25 pages of classic John Law tales by Will Eisner himself. These stories have been lovingly re-toned by Chaloner to capture the full noir-stylings of Eisner, the comics master.

John Law: Dead Man Walking is a 128-page, black and white trade paperback with a cover price of $19.99.

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