Will Christopher Nolan Pick Up the Controller For 'Ready Player One'?

Christopher Nolan, known for striking visuals and intense stories, may bring his box office mojo to Ready Player One.

The Tracking Board reports Warner Bros. has offered the adaptation of Ernest Cline's 2011 novel to the filmmaker, whose Interstellar has grossed nearly $545 million worldwide.

Ready Player One takes place in the future and stars a young man named Wade Watts who enters his favorite immersive video game reality after its creator passes away to find a hidden fortune. He's not the only one interested, so it's a race against time and external forces to traverse a world jam packed with 80s references.

Cline wrote a script, which then passed to Eric Eason (A Better Life). In June, the studio Zak Penn would take a stab at a draft.

If Nolan does sign on, he would likely go over the script with his brother and frequent collaborator Jonathan. The pair previously collaborated on Memento, The Prestige the Batman films and Interstellar.

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