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Will Captain America Die (Again)? Marvel’s July Solicits Say, Maybe…

by  in Comic News Comment
Will Captain America Die (Again)? Marvel’s July Solicits Say, Maybe…

Marvel Comics’ full solicitations for July 2017 will be live on CBR shortly – in the meantime, here’s our rundown of the month’s biggest offerings.

“Secret Empire” races towards its finale in July, but the Marvel Comics event isn’t headed down the home stretch quietly. As revealed in the publisher’s solicitations for July 2017, things are about to get bigger before Captain America’s Hydra-fueled regime inevitable comes crumbling down around him.

First, in “Secret Empire” #6, we see the arrival of Thor Odinson, along with the Scarlet Witch and Vision. Described in the solicits text as “the unworthy, the untrusted, the unstable,” it’s unclear whether they’re on Cap”s side or not, though recent events in “The Unworthy Thor” would have us guessing he, at least won’t be supporting Steve Rogers’ platform.

“Secret Empire” #7 may prove to be THE key moment of the event, however, as the solicit text flat-out says it’s the issue where we see whether Ulysses’ “Civil War II’ vision involving the death of Captain America at the hands of Miles Morales becomes a reality. We wouldn’t have thought so, but judging by the cover, which shows the Black Widow poised to take out either Spider-Man or Cap while they face each other down, well — all bets are off.

Meanwhile, across the rest of the Marvel Universe, there’s lots of other big things cooking, including…

  • In non-“Secret Empire” news, fans who have wanted a piece of oversized Alex Ross art are in luck. Marvel is selling a giant, vinyl poster of Ross’ “Generations” teaser art in July. The poster ,easures 62×48 inches and has a retail price of #39.99.
  • After having left the identity behind in the series’ most recent issue, and going underground while his best friend Steve Rogers’ regime rose, Sam Wilson is back as Captain America once again. Is this in response to Steve-Cap’s possible death in “Secret Empire” #7, or done as a form of defiance? We’ll know in a few months when he faces “his ultimate foe.”
  • Deadpool does what Deadpool doe best in Issues #33 and 34, when Wade Wilson realizes he backed the wrong horse and most now change sides and stand against Steve Rogers. And then, of course, he’ll commit super-powered genocide once more in “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again.”
  • The key player in the recent “X-Men vs Inhumans” epic is back in “X-Men Blue” #8 — Emma Frost returns to take on the classic team, and according to the solicitations, she’s fully embraced her villainous past as she’s hyped as being “badder than ever.”
  • A classic codename returns in “X-Men Gold,” as an all-new X-Cutioner makes his debut. But while his modus operandi appears to be the same as his predecessor, the question remains who he is, and why he’s intent on killing off mutants.


  • Another vintage X-character is back in July, as Emplate rears her head to take on Generation X in their new series. But while the name is the same, the solicitation text teases, “she isn’t the same monster they once knew…”
  • “Astonishing X-Men” makes its debut, featuring Old Man Logan in charge of his own team of X-characters.
  • The long-awaited follow-up to “Spider-Men” arrives in July, with Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelii re-teaming to tell the next chapter in the continuing Peter Parker/Miles Morales saga. And, of course, the big question will finally be answered: who is/was the Miles Morales of the Marvel Universe?
  • Gwenpool and Robbie Reyes get sucked into “Edge of Venomverse,” as the miniseries continues to infect the Marvel Universe. Are you ready for the Host Rider?
  • Before you can play “Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series,” you may want to read the game’s prequel comic. Produced alongside Telltale Games, the miniseries will set up the events of the game in a five-issue storyline.
  • Luke and Leia get to do some family bonding in “Star Wars” #33, as the siblings find themselves stranded on a desert island. Meanwhile, “Darth Vader” #3 promises to introduce a new Jedi Master, one who is “more powerful than any Vader has faced before.”


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