Will Arnett's Batman rocks Oscars with 'Everything Is Awesome'

The LEGO Movie may have been shut out of the race for Best Animated Feature, but it stole at least part of the show Sunday at the 87th Academy Awards ceremony with a high-octane live performance of "Everything Is Awesome" that saw Will Arnett reprise his role as Batman.

If the infectious bubblegum anthem to positivity already makes your teeth hurt, you're in no way prepared for the stage production, which is as frenzied as a roomful of 5-year-olds on a sugar high: Tegan & Sara and The Lonely Island singing and rapping amid dancing builders as cowboys and astronauts flee into the audience, handing out LEGO Oscar trophies. Oh, and that poor dog ...

But then Batman enters, with Questlove as his Robin, to help dial things back, if only briefly. Thank you, Batman.

Alas, "Everything Is Awesome" didn't win Best Original Song; that went to "Glory" from Selma.

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