Will And Jaden Smith To Star In Shyamalan's Sci-Fi Space Film

You've got to say this for M. Night Shyamalan: He might not yet have been able to recapture the magic of his 2000 superhero genre-flipper Unbreakable, but darn it if he doesn't keep on trying. The director is rolling the dice once again, this time with someone who is arguably one of the biggest names he has yet worked with set to star. Will Smith.

Smith and son Jaden, star of The Karate Kid remake, will headline an untitled science fiction film set in space, to be directed by Shyamalan with a script he wrote with Gary Whitta, Deadline reports. The project was actually mentioned by Shyamalan last year with the title One Thousand A.E., and Smith was going to produce.

The story is set aboard a spaceship that has crash-landed on an abandoned planet. A young boy works to stay alive, and he's apparently got his estranged father aboard the ship as well. Do you think the fictional not-so-dear old dad is a ghost and the young boy can see dead people?

Too obvious?

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