Will Affleck Hit <i>Replay</i>?

Someone might want to tell Warner Bros that Ben Affleck's career rebirth as director came, in part, because he made some great movies - and that offering him a chair at the head of what sounds like Groundhog Day but with more angst probably wouldn't be a great idea.

Affleck's new success has apparently caught the eye of Warners, who've offered him the chance to direct Replay, based on Ken Grimwood's 1989 novel about a 43 year-old man who dies, only to wake up in his 18 year old body and sets out to try again. The project was first optioned when the book was published, but nothing came of it; According to Deadline, Affleck is interested enough to have given notes for a script rewrite, so perhaps he's looking to stretch his directorial wings slightly. Here's hoping his 18 year-old lead comes from Boston, at least.

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