Wilfred Santiago draws Michael Jordan and John Brown

Wilfred Santiago, the creator of 21: The Story of Roberto Clemente, is working on a new biography: Michael Jordan: Bull on Parade. Details are sparse, but according to the Fantagraphics blog, "frenetic panels and art from Santiago's new book are online and updated regularly until its release in late 2013." If the images are any indication, Santiago is busting out from the limited palette he used for the Clemente book to full, brilliant color, applied in a bold, painterly style.

But wait! There's more! It turns out these two comics are actually part of a trilogy. The third volume, Thunderbolt, is a bit of an odd man out: It's a bio of the famed abolitionist John Brown, and according to its website, it will run as a free webcomic, serialized weekly, beginning in July 2013. Maybe it's because I'm more of a history buff than a sports fan, but I think this one looks the most interesting of the three; the sample art is darker and sparser than the Jordan art, and the topic is certainly fascinating. There's one image below, and more at the book's official Facebook page.

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