Wildstorm/Chuck Dixon do "Snakes On A Plane" Comic

The internet phenomena that "Snakes on a Plane" has become has been impressive. Months before the August 18th release date, the Samuel Jackson starring vehicle generated a lot of pre-release covering in a way never before seen with a film of this type, primarily due to its premise (FBI agents escort a Mafia informant on a plane, and, well, an assassin loads up the plane with snakes to kill the informant) and title. It started out as something of a joke, with interested parties latching on to the rather obvious title, and running with it at high speed. Fan trailers and posters were popping up everywhere and interest in the film grew exponentially. In fact, the organic, viral fan campaign got so big it even affected the production of the film, with New Line Cinema upping the budget and allowing additional days of footage to be filmed primarily because of that interest. The film gained cult status months before anyone saw any footage of the film.

That cult status will extend to comics later this year. Yesterday, writer Chuck Dixon revealed on his message board that he'll be writing the comic book adaptation of this instant B-movie classic for DC/Wildstorm. While he offered no further details, the reaction on his message board was very positive. Art for the two-issue series will be handled Gordon Purcell.

In recent years, comics based on films have often been prequel comics, exploring the back story of the film, giving readers a more thorough look at the world found in the film, but according to Dixon's post this looks to be an adaptation of the film itself. Movie tie-in comics aren't usually big movers in the direct market, but with interest in the film as high as it is, there's no telling how well the comic will do.

One thing we can be certain of -- there'll be plenty of snakes in a comic this fall. A DC spokesperson declined comment at this time. Look for more details on this book in the weeks to come.

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