WildStorm & Zuda Imprints Close Amidst DC Changes

A year after the announcement of DC Entertainment's creation to synch the DC Comics library up with Warner Bros. larger media goals and the first major changes to how the company is run have begun to fall into place.

In the wake of this morning's news that segments of DC's administrative and digital staff would relocate from New York to Burbank, DC Co-Publishers Dan Didio and Jim Lee have announced via the company's The Source blog a number of changes to the company's publishing line, branding and staffing.

First and foremost, the WildStorm imprint - which was purchased and brought under the DC banner when Lee joined DC in 1999 - will end this December. The WildStorm superhero universe will effectively end with the final issues of its last ongoing series "WildCats" and "The Authority." The many video game and licensed comics produced by the La Jolla, CA-based imprint will be moved under the DC banner while the Editorial staff of WildStorm will be folded into the new Burbank digital unit of DC.

"After taking the comics scene by storm nearly 20 years ago, the WildStorm Universe titles will end this December," the Co-Publishers explained in a joint statement, noting the end of the brand was not the end of all the characters stories. "In this soft marketplace, these characters need a break to regroup and redefine what made them once unique and cutting edge. While these will be the final issues published under the WildStorm imprint, it will not be the last we will see of many of these heroes. We, along with Geoff Johns, have a lot of exciting plans for these amazing characters, so stay tuned."

In addition and perhaps unsurprisingly, DC will drop all uses of the Zuda brand name that once highlighted its web comics initiatives. Previously published Zuda titles will live on as DC digital releases and collections.

"We remain, as ever, dedicated to working with the greatest creators this industry has to offer, while inspiring generations of creators and readers to embrace this medium that we all love," said Didio and Lee.

Check back to CBR soon for talks with DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson as well as Didio and Lee on all of today's changes.

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