Wildstorm, War and Western Comics Take the Stage for DC Today!

Before they presumably announce their plans for Superman tomorrow (it better involve Morrison!), DC decided to give us one last really odd mixture of titles, in what I like to call WWW: Wildstorm, War and Western comics.

For those of you (like myself) who were worried about the relative lack of Paul Cornell in the announcements so far (just Demon Knights), we see that answered with a brand-new Stormwatch comic, mixing Martian Manhunter into the mix with Jack Hawksmoor, Apollo and Midnighter.

It'll be really interesting seeing Stormwatch mix with the DC Universe (hopefully it will go better than the Elite's foray).

Mike Costa has been doing a bang-up job on GI Joe Cobra, which is a war comic, so the new Blackhawks comic could be good. I don't think Ken Lashley's style fits "war comic," really, though.

Ivan Brandon is a really strong writer, so I'm interested in this new attempt at Sgt. Rock (done in modern times with Rock's grand son).

Tom Derenick is a good artist, but again, I wonder if his style is not a bit too bright for a war comic. Imagine Jock on this book!

I was never THAT worried about losing Palmiotti and Gray, as I figure DC would not lose Jonah Hex, which is routinely one of their best titles, but seeing the pair return with All-Star Western #1 still makes me happy.

Moritat as the ongoing artist is wonderful news. With the announcement of back-ups, I imagine this title will be $4. I noticed DC has not exactly been vocal with how much the comics in this reboot will be, so I tend to imagine that we'll see more than a couple $4 books (I could be way off and this title could be $3 with back-ups, of course).

No offense to Kyle Higgins, but I don't really know enough of his writing to say if this Deathstroke ongoing will be good...

Nathan Edmondson on Grifter? A lot of strong, up and coming writers in this batch of announcements. I don't know if Grifter is the type of book I'd associate with Edmonson, but I like him enough to give it a whirl.

I don't know if anyone is currently reading Outsiders. Keith Giffen has been penciling it and it has looked GREAT. Classic Kirby-esque artwork from Giffen. Really top-notch stuff. The story, though, has not been great.

So obviously I have mixed feelings with the same creative team taking over OMAC...

Giffen is co-writing with Dan Didio, though, and if Giffen has a strong say in the plot, I could see this being a worthwhile title. I mean, Giffen's art will be awesome, at least.

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