Wildstorm Unveils New Cover Branding

DC/Wildstorm announced today a series of changes to the cover dress of their comics, with three new branding options to help differentiate the titles published under the Wildstorm banner. The new brands are "Wildstorm Universe," covering projects set in the same universe, "Wildstorm Signature Series," for creator-driven properties not set in the Wildstorm Universe, and simply "Wildstorm," for licensed properties. This appears to replace previous labels like "Cliffhanger," "Homage" and "Eye of the Storm" labels. The full text of the press release follows.


Signature SeriesWildstorm


Starting with the EX MACHINA promotional items, projects from WildStorm Productions will feature a new set of branding marks. The three redesigned brands - to be displayed on covers, advertising, posters, the WildStorm website and elsewhere - encompass series set in the WildStorm Universe, creator-driven projects, and licensed and other properties.

The brands will appear on all WildStorm projects and include the following:

"It just made more and more sense in recent years to consolidate what we publish into a more manageable number of imprints," says Jim Lee, WildStorm Editorial Director. "The idea is to push the WildStorm name and imprint to the forefront so that there is a clear call-out to kickass books. Now we can focus our efforts more than ever on WildStorm and America's Best Comics."

"We're refocusing the public's attention on WildStorm as a core brand," says Richard Bruning, DC's Senior VP - Creative Director. "By putting the WildStorm name on all their projects, whether they're creator-driven, licensed, or part of the WildStorm Universe, it makes it easier for readers to find the books that share that WildStorm style of energy and excitement."

The brands also will appear on all WildStorm marketing materials, including posters, house and trade ads, and WildStorm issues of HORIZON.

The initial titles bearing the WildStorm Universe brand include:

The initial titles bearing the WildStorm Signature Series brand include:

The initial titles bearing the WildStorm brand include:

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