WildStorm Studios Oral History Launches Kickstarter Campaign

You don't have to have been a '90s kid to remember WildStorm Studios. Founded by comic book artist and writer Jim Lee, it was a key component of Image Comics when it launched in 1992. WildStorm brought fans a wealth of new characters and comics, including "WildC.A.T.S." and "StormWatch," and later provided a home for Alan Moore's America's Best Comics imprint, before being acquired by DC Comics -- first as a separate publishing imprint in 1999 and eventually as a fully integrated component of the DC Universe in 2011.

Now, avid comic book reader and long time WildStorm fan Joseph Hedges has put together "Wild Times: An Oral History of WildStorm Studios," which promises to be the definitive oral history of the former studio. He's set up a Kickstarter to fund its production and publication as a 450-page book, which as of publication has raised $5,811 of its $6,640 goal in three days. The Kickstarter states that his manuscript has already been completed.

The project's backbone is its collection of 75 interviews with the various people; writers, artists, editors, etc., who each contributed to the WildStorm story, all conducted by Hedges over a two-year period, though Jim Lee does not appear in the list of completed interviews. These have been edited into a topic-by-topic oral history format covering the interviewees individual careers, the studio's role as a home for both licensed and creator-owned comics, and its eventual fate as part of the wider DC Universe.

Backers to the project can opt to receive the the final finished product in digital or softcover format, with additional rewards including exclusive excerpts that didn't make the final book, and an opportunity chat with the author about your own WildStorm memories. The Kickstarter for "Wild Times: An Oral History of WildStorm Studios" runs until February 2. Also in February, DC Comics is set to relaunch the dormant WildStorm brand starting with "The Wild Storm," a new series from Warren Ellis and artist Jon Davis-Hunt ; the first of several in an imprint curated by Ellis.

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