WildStorm remembered: An oral history is in the works

For many reading comics today, WildStorm may be a small footnote in the history of DC Comics or a pit stop in Jim Lee's path to becoming one of the most powerful figures in comics. For those of a certain age it was something more. If you're more than a casual fan, someone who perhaps knows what the "C.A.T." in WildC.A.T.s stood for or always wondered what Aegis Entertainment was, there's a new project you should know about: WildStorm Oral History.

Initiated by a longtime fan who followed WildStorm from its launch to its dreary final days, WildStorm Oral History aims to discover the real story behind the once top-tierpublisher by the people who would know best: those who worked there. Comics fan / corporate accountant Joseph Hedges has spent the past few years tracking down the writers, artists, letterers, colorists editors and staff behind the La Jolla-based company, from its independent days on through its years under as a DC imprint. To date, Hedges has interviewed 48 people for the project, with 20 more scheduled and a wish list of more -- including the two chief ones, Jim Lee and Brandon Choi.

Patterned after the recent Saturday Night Live and ESPN Oral History projects, when complete the WildStorm Oral History project looks to be an exhaustive and engrossing view into the company and a snapshot in the changing comic industry, from 1992 to the present.

Hedges' plan is complete the book this year for publication in 2016, possibility with another publisher or self-published with help from a crowd-funding initiative. Hedges has updates about his project on its website and accompanying Tumblr page, and those who might have inside information about WildStorm are encouraged to reach out to him to add to his mounting collection.

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