'Wildguard: Casting Call' #1 sells out

ORANGE, CA -- 18 September, 2003 -- Image Comics has announced that Diamond is completely sold out of WILDGUARD: CASTING CALL #1 by Todd Nauck and Larry Stucker. WILDGUARD: CASTING CALL #1 was offered with two covers, Cover A by Todd Nauck and Cover B by Ed McGuinness & Lary Stucker, and arrived in stores on September 10.

Inspired by reality shows like American Idol, Pop Stars and Making the Band, the six-issue WILDGUARD: CASTING CALL miniseries follows a host of heroes as they endure the agony of competition and a myriad of unforeseen dangers in the hope of being selected by an elite panel of judges, including the mysterious "Producer X." Who will make the cut and who won't will be determined in part by readers: Nauck is inviting fans to vote for the final WildGuard team by logging on to www.wildguard.com and picking the hero they want to see as the fifth member of the team.

Created and written by Todd Nauck with inks by Lary Stucker, WILDGUARD: CASTING CALL is the first foray into creator-owned comics for Nauck, who is best known to many fans as the artist of DC Comics' Young Justice. WILDGUARD marks Nauck's return to Image after a lengthy stint at Marvel, DC and Dark Horse that included work on Superman, Supergirl, Sensational Spider-Man and his 50+ issue run on Young Justice. More recently, Nauck contributed to Jay Faerber's NOBLE CAUSES: EXTENDED FAMILY one-shot.

"I'm very excited to hear that the book has sold out," said Nauck. "People have been posting on the WildGuard Forum when their store sells out, so the response to the book has been great. Readers have been e-mailing their thoughts and they are excited to read a comic that's really fun. That's what I wanted to create, and I'm glad people are taking to it. It's great to know there's an audience looking to have fun again!"

"We're extremely pleased with the positive response to WILDGUARD," said Image's Director of Marketing, Eric Stephenson. "As with all Image titles, we did a substantial overprint on WILDGUARD #1, but even with a 25% overship, we still couldn't meet the demand for this book."

WILDGUARD: CASTING CALL #2, featuring covers by Nauck and Mike Weiringo, is available for order now in the August issue of Previews and will be in stores on October 22. For more information on WILDGUARD, visit www.wildguard.com.

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