'Wildcats' penciller Dustin Nguyen signs exclusive with DC

Official Press Release

DC Comics/WildStorm is pleased to announce that penciller Dustin Nguyen has signed a one-year exclusive agreement. Nguyen, best known for his work on THE AUTHORITY #23-27 and the miniseries JET, is currently pencilling the mature readers relaunch of WILDCATS.

"Dustin has grown so much as an artist, it's startling," says WildStorm Group Editor Scott Dunbier. "The level of realism he puts on the page has increased so much, he's like a whole new artist. It's great when you start off with a guy who's really good, and it's always a nice bonus to see so much improvement."

Dunbier reports that Nguyen is currently pencilling issue #3 of the WILDCATS relaunch, which is being written by Joe Casey and inked by Richard Friend. The series is expected to makes its debut late this summer.

"I want to put all my time into WILDCATS," Nguyen says. "I love reading the book as much as I love I drawing it, so being involved in the relaunch is a real thrill for me."

Recent months also have seen a number of exclusive artists renew their agreements with DC, including Barry Kitson (THE TITANS), José Luis García-Lopéz (DEADMAN), Damion Scott (BATGIRL), Michael Lark (BATMAN: NINE LIVES), and DC Direct sculptor Tim Bruckner.

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