Ellis & Villalobos' WildCATs Pushed Back, Re-Solicited at Later Date

DC is re-soliciting its WildCATs relaunch by writer Warren Ellis and artist Ramon Villalobos. The six-issue miniseries starring Grifter, Savant, John Colt and Adrianna Tereshkova was announced in May as a spinoff of Ellis and artist Jon Davis-Hunt's The Wild Storm.

WildCATs #1 was originally solicited to debut on August 28, but Diamond Comics Distributors informed retailers that orders for issues #1-3 were canceled, with DC intending to re-solicit them at a later date.

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Comics Conspiracy owner Ryan Higgins posted a portion of DC's email to retailers on Twitter, confirming the re-solicit of WildCATs #1-3 and cancellation of previous orders.

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DC Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee responded to the online outcry over the news, reminding fans that WildCATs is still scheduled to come out once artist schedules are finalized.

The official series description can be found below:

From the pages of THE WILD STORM, the piratical covert team are here to stop humanity from destroying itself. The black-ops team featuring Grifter, Savant, John Colt and Adrianna Tereshkova have discovered that the secret space program Skywatch has been performing medical experiments on abducted innocents for decades. And now one of those experiments is about to explode—revealing a new threat and level of danger that no one could have prepared for. The covert team may have thought the world was strange before, but they had no idea -- and now the stakes might just be too high.

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