The Wild Storm May Be Teasing the Debut of Its Superman

The new, grounded version of the Wildstorm universe may have just teased the return of perhaps its most fantastical character: the superhero known as Mr. Majestic.

In The Wild Storm #12, the midway point of Warren Ellis and John Davis-Hunt's series, Jackie King is seen rummaging through some old files that have been stored away inside I.O. headquarters. She pulls out a file named Thunderbook, material so sensitive that it is labeled "Top Secret Majestic" -- a reference that probably didn't slip past longtime Wildstorm fans.

The only question is what Ellis and Davis-Hunt are actually referencing. Was it the comic book character, or the Majestic 12 UFO conspiracy theory from 1986 that proposed a secret committee exists within the US government to investigate the existence of aliens. It's very possible that in this world of espionage, covert military action and paranoia, the two are actually related.


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First appearing in 1994's WildC.A.T.s #11, Mr. Majestic is a Kherubim warlord known as Lord Majestros who became stranded on Earth thousands of years ago. Given the fact that he is from the same race as Jacob Marlowe, Lucy Blaze, and Kenesha, it makes sense that he would be introduced into this story at some point. Bringing in Majestic would allow The Wild Storm to finally push the alien invasion angle to the forefront of the comic. It would also explain how a government clearance level and conspiracy theory came to be named after him.


The file belonged to the former head of I.O. John Lynch, who has been described as extremely paranoid, but perhaps he knows more than they do. Instead of "Top Secret Majestic" referencing his level of paranoia, perhaps it refers to his first-hand knowledge of Majestic and the aliens living among us in secret. After all, an entire class of superhuman was named after Majestic in the original continuity. Lynch was introduced at the end of issue #12, so it's possible we could be getting answers sooner than later.

If the character does arrive, it will be interesting to see how a universe like the one Ellis and Davis-Hunt are developing will handle a character like Majestic, who basically has all the same powers as Superman. So far, this world has been far more grounded than the original Wilstorm Universe. There are no costumes, no codenames, and no superhero teams here. Characters still have abilities, but they are deliberately toned down from their original incarnations.


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Traditionally, Majestic has super strength, super speed, can fly, shoot lasers from his eyes and hands, can heal quickly, is invulnerable, has shown some telekinetic abilities, has a genius-level intellect, and is a skilled warrior. There's no way all of that will fit within the context of The Wild Storm, so some tinkering will need to be made so he can better fit in the universe around him.

In the original continuity, it was explained that he was artificially evolved by another alien race, while in the New 52, a human was transformed into the being known as Majestic. As comic book history attests, there is no one way to handle him, so this creative team will do what they think works best for them. If Majestic the character really did influence an entire level of clearance in the Wild Storm Universe, it's clear that his introduction will be a real game-changer.

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