Wieringo, Rolston and Morse on new 'Sidekicks' special

Official Press Release

Oni Press is pleased to announce the return of the comicdom's hippest superpowered teens, J. Torres & Takeshi Miyazawa'a SIDEKICKS. In May, Oni will be releasing an all-new, 32-page one-shot. SIDEKICKS SUPER FUN SPECIAL is a collection of stories about Terry and her pals' summer vacation written by Torres and illustrated by some of the comics industry's top artists.

"With Takeshi busy with work in Japan, we knew it was going to be a while before we could do the next miniseries," said Torres. "But neither one of us wanted to go a full year without any SIDEKICKS-type fun. Our solution? We called in some of our most talented friends to give us a hand."

The different stories in the book focus on a variety of summer outings by the kids of Shuster Academy-each one illustrated by a different comic industry heavyweight! Garth, the teen-aged werewolf, goes to grandma's house courtesy of Scott (ELEKTRA) Morse's brush. Kurtis, Mark, and Steve visit the season's hottest music festival-Onipalooza-thanks to the talents of MEK's Steve Rolston. Finally, Terry and the girls face a post-finals test as they try to pick out new swimsuits with the help of FANTASTIC FOUR's Mike Wieringo! A framing sequence by SIDEKICKS co-creator Takeshi (X-MEN UNLIMITED) Miyazawa ties it all together and a new cover by Miyazawa and Arthur (KISSING CHAOS) Dela Cruz (who also contributes a pin-up) wraps it all up in one hot little package!

"When J. first came to me with the idea for this special I was a little skeptical," said series editor James Lucas Jones. "To me J. plus Tak equaled SIDEKICKS and I wasn't necessarily interested in messing with an equation that had worked so well. Then he told me who he wanted to bring in… You'd have to be crazy to turn down a line-up like this!"

"This SUPER FUN SUMMER SPECIAL provides the perfect break between SIDEKICKS sessions," Torres concluded. "I'm just excited about all the people who showed up for my little end-of-the-school-year party!"

SIDEKICKS SUPER FUN SUMMER SPECIAL retails for $2.95. It has 32 pages of black & white story and art and a color cover by Miyazawa and Dela Cruz. It ships to comic book stores on May 28, 2003.

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