<i>Wicked</i> Miniseries Coming To ABC

For her next act, Salma Hayek is defying gravity: the Frida actress has landed a deal with the ABC network to produce an eight-hour miniseries adaptation of Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West.

The news comes from TV Line's Michael Ausiello, who reports that the Wicked miniseries would take its signals from Gregory Maguire's bestselling novel, as opposed to the massively successful Broadway musical based on the book. In other words, no singing or dancing from this Wicked adaptation; it won't be a prequel in the traditional sense, either, but a story that runs parallel alongside the traditional Wizard of Oz yarn, showing how westerly witch Elphaba started as an innocent school girl and transformed into the ruthless green-skinned menace that became the scourge of Oz. (A separate adaptation of the musical is in development through Universal.)

Official casting announcements are forthcoming, though Hayek herself might take a supporting role in the project. Due to her age, she's an unlikely candidate for youthful leads Elphaba and Galinda the Good Witch, though perhaps she could play one or the other in book-ending flash-forward sequences -- but, again, a bit of a stretch.

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