Why, yes, Colonel Sanders has his own SDCC-exclusive comic

Amid the avalanche of variant covers, action figures, art prints and statuettes, the true must-have exclusive may be ... KFC's one-shot The Colonel's Adventure Comics. At least we think it's just a one-shot, and not the launch of some fast-food franchise universe-spanning event.

"If you love comics and fried chicken and subliminal marketing," KFC states in a Facebook post, "then you’ll love this free exclusive #SDCC comic about me."

"Me," of course, refers to Kentucky Fried Chicken founder Colonel Harland Sanders, who has been resurrected several times since his death in 1980 (in almost comic book-like fashion) for advertising campaigns. His image was revived in May for a series of television commercials -- Sanders' first in 21 years -- starring Saturday Night Live alum Darrell Hammond. One in five people say they hate the new ads, which apparently is a win for KFC.

If you're dying to know what Sanders is doing, Lone Ranger-like, atop that white horse, or who those figures are floating in the sky behind him, you'll just have to pick up the comic next week at Comic-Con. Or, undoubtedly, later on eBay.

Asked on Twitter why the comic's cover "is the greatest thing I've ever seen," KFC (or perhaps the ghost of Harland Sanders) replied, "Because it combines two of the greatest things on the planet: comic books and my delicious fried chicken."

Just be sure to keep them separate. Otherwise, you'll never get top dollar for your copy of The Colonel's Adventure Comics.

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