Fox's X-Men Drama, The Gifted, Deserves a Larger Audience

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Audiences were shocked when Fox announced The Gifted, a television series based in the world of the X-Men. With so many successful movies based on the long-running film franchise, fans wondered if the series would be set in the same universe. If so, would it provide answers to long-standing plot points and storylines that hadn't had the chance to be explored on the big screen?

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Instead of using big name characters from the movies, the series turned out to be something most fans didn't expect. The Gifted is a family drama starring characters that, for the most part, have never been seen on the big screen. And yet, it is undeniably a pure X-Men story.


Unfortunately, the use of smaller-named mutants turned some people off of the series before it had the chance to begin. But while The Gifted may didn't involve record ratings when it premiered, it still drew a respectable crowd. With marketing that focused greatly on the show's X-Men connection, however, the fact that mutants like Wolverine, Cyclops or Mystique weren't even mentioned likely turned a few of these people away. The Gifted has been dropping in viewers ever since it began, with the latest episode reaching series lows. This is a shame, because the truth is the mutant drama really deserves a big audience. It's a quality show that deserves to be watched by anyone who considers themselves an X-Men fan.

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