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As you might have noticed here over recent years, I do my fair share of doodling on the side. Last year, I started to use the Clip Studio Paint application to draw more, digitally.

It's a great program that's helped me do a lot of interesting things with my "art," but it always sparked loads of questions. The user manual isn't that great. There are lots of tutorial videos out there, which definitely helped, but it was always a struggle to search around for just the right answer to whatever question I had that day.

I kept notes on what I was learning as I went, though, and now I'm starting to post the answers to my own questions, along with lots of other stuff I've learned about Clip Studio Paint along the way. The more I play with it, the more I learn.

Last week, I threw open the doors on LearnCSP.com, a new site dedicated to answering specific questions and showing all the tips and tricks I've learned along the way. It's not meant to be a user manual replacement, or a tool-by-tool dissection of the program. I'm sharing what I've learned and writing about related issues along the way. I'm working on some video tutorials, too, which should start to publish in the next week or so...

If you're new to Clip Studio Paint, I hope LearnCSP.com will be helpful for you. If you're a grizzled expert, it might not be that eye-opening, but you never know what I might sneak in.

Let me know what you think! Thanks!

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