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Why The X-Men: First Class Images May Mean Trouble For The Movie

by  in Comic News, Movie News Comment
Why The <i>X-Men: First Class</i> Images May Mean Trouble For The Movie

So, X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn hates that leaked pic from earlier on this week, and has released official pics from the mutant prequel to show what the film really looks like. Why do I think that Fox would rather everyone see the leak than the real deal?

I know, I know: It’s a little like kicking the movie while it’s down, considering the reports about how troubled the production is becoming, with Vaughn editing the movie while it’s still being shot elsewhere, by persons unknown. But am I really the only person who looks at this –

– and thinks “This looks like Austin Powers, and not in a good way?” And is this –

really supposed to convince me that things aren’t being parodied, even a little bit?

It’s odd, reading interviews with Vaughn where he talks about the movie “trying to get [the X-Men] back to being whole again” and not bastardizing the franchise, while at the same time looking at images that seem as much influenced by the original Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) as anything I’ve ever seen in an X-Men comic. It’s not that I think that First Class will definitely be a terrible film – although, I admit, I think there’s more than a small chance of that being the case – but that I think that going for such a stylized aesthetic runs the risk of severely limiting the movie’s appeal at the exact time where Fox wants and needs this to be the most successful X-Men movie they’ve done. After all, while it’s possible that people want to know the origins of the X-Men as a team, do they really care about it happening in the late ’60s, complete with period details, ascots and swinger clubs? Okay, so maybe yes to that last one, but you know what I mean: Is there really that big of a crossover between people who want to see superhero movies and people who want to see lovingly recreated period pieces that wouldn’t go and see this movie no matter what, even if just to bitch about it afterwards?

(I can’t work out if I actually like the promo images or not, personally. I think that I don’t, but then there’s a contrarian element in my head that says, “Well, at least he’s not just copying all the other superhero movies,” and I start to wonder again. But then I think, “It’s not even as if it’s Mad Men-esque period classic, it just looks dated,” and and and.)

Vaughn may be convinced that Fox wasn’t behind the original image that leaked, showing the characters from the movie standing beside one another in a manner that recalled earlier X-Men movie posters, but if the rumors are true, he’s clearly not the one in charge of this movie, never mind the future of the franchise. It may have looked bad – the costumes looked ridiculous, and if nothing else, the Photoshopping just looked unprofessional and badly done – but it looked like what people expect an X-Men movie to look like, or all of its flaws, and I’m sure that’s what Fox wants to use as the selling point for the movie: “It’s the X-Men, starting all over again, but still recognizable as what you loved before.” And, if Fox and Vaughn are on such different pages when it comes to how to sell the movie, imagine what the battle will be like when it comes to the movie itself…

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