Why Sabrina Moved From The CW to Netflix

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Warner Bros. Television has revealed why it chose to move its Riverdale spinoff series based on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, from The CW to Netflix: The CW has its eyes on a reboot of Charmed, another series starring witches.

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Another aspect of the deal that made the decision to switch Sabrina from The CW to Netflix appealing is that Warner Bros. will retain full ownership and profits on the series. Had Sabrina aired on The CW, Warner Bros. would have had to split ownership and profits with CBS.

"Warner Bros. is looking for any way that it can own 100 percent of their shows, and that drives a lot of decision-making there," reports The Hollywood Reporter. It is believed other Riverdale spinoffs could still land at The CW in the future.

Sabrina was originally planned for a 2018-2019 schedule for the CW as a companion piece to Riverdale. As its own Netflix series, the show will have two 10-episode seasons right out the gate, with shooting for the first season beginning this February and scheduled to end in June. The second season will then be shot from June to October.

A premiere date for the overall series, along with a rollout plan for the show, has yet to be announced.

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